After the storm.

This ended up lengthy. Suffice it to say – good day lol.

Today started off with thunder and lightning, but by 11 a.m. the storm had passed and we were under blue skies once again. The house boss gave a green light to fish and then it was a matter of deciding where. I chose the river I’ve been frequenting lately, “The Funky Cold Medina.” When I arrived there were already a few trucks parked and folks enjoying the river. I headed up river, away from the recreational river users and was beginning to think fish don’t bite after a rain. I had seen cattle laying down on the way to the river, an old wives tale that the fish would not be biting. Then again, the wind was out of the west and that’s when fish bite the best. I was in the river for over an hour before the first hit on a brown / leggy wooly bugger then nothing. The river was running a little faster than the last few times, so I decided to put something on with a little weight; the Barr’s Meat Whistle to the rescue. After a change of fly, bass were more cooperative. I thought after the storm I would have this section of the river to myself; no such luck. I ran into land owners enjoying their stretch of the the river and decided to head back down river. By the time I hit the stretch of “recreational” river there was a crowd: folks tubing, fishing, family outing, etc. I stayed on the far bank and waded past and continued down river all the while catching a few more bass and one panfish. I managed to catch the largest in a small pool that I had seen large bass before. After a few casts I saw a shadow heading towards my fly and it was game on. I was pretty happy with this one, nice bend in the Fenwick and a few minutes of bass on glass. I pulled out my phone and set it on my leg and as I knelt down to adjust my rod for the picture I heard the “kerplunk.” Best bass of the day and my phone is laying in the river. I managed to retrieve the phone, maintain a lip grip on the bass, and not fall over. A quick drying on my shirt and success, the phone survived. I haven’t done a “selfie” bass pic in a while, but this one felt deserving after that fiasco. I headed down further and managed to end up alone for awhile and then the solitude was over. A family or two possibly had set up their fish camp for the day and were covering at least 100 yards of river. I hung back, fished where I could and then decided to head back up river. I ended up running into more people on the hike/wade back to the truck. It seems this is a pretty popular destination and I’ll either need to hit it early or on a weekday. Overall, no complaints for today. Beautiful scenery, a few fish to hand, and much needed river therapy.

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